Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Destroyed Human vs Darragh Invictus in: "So These Two Old Death Metal Guys Walk Into A Bar.." Pt.1

This was recorded in a pub almost a year ago now. The idea was simple: myself and Dar being old mates from back in our teens sit in a pub, drink pints, and reminisce about the magic of our early days in the death metal tape trading scene of the early/mid 90s, talk about some overlooked bands, and play some tunes. The reason it took so olng to put together? Well, the conversation was about 3 hours long. This is merely part 1. Be warned, the conversation is a little rough soundwise in places (note to self: never record in a pub again) so listening on headphones is advised. As with yesterday's post, full details/tracklisting is on the Mixcloud page Expect part 2 next month