Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I have absolutely no idea who the people (or perhaps person?) behind Ululant are, so I'm going to choose to fantasise that instead of being mere mortals, they're actually a gang of Lovecraftian monstrosities who've appeared from a dark start beyond our world and picked up instruments. The four song "Imbriferous" demo that's surfaced under that band name contains four tracks that fans of the wonky, dischordant sounds of the likes of Portal and Gorguts will probably enjoy - and will probably liken to those bands - but to me there seems to be a little more going on than that. And if you;re

There's an almost spontaneous feel to this music, that sense of a band collapsing in on themselves, that makes me wonder if there's fans of either modern composition or no wave behind this. Now, I'm not an expert on either of those forms of music nor will I pretend to be, but the bits I like in both of those genres is the point where although each instrument is going off on it's own little adventure, it somehow all fits perfectly. The stuff that was probably laboured over for months, but sounds like it's being made up on the spot. Am I making sense? No?Ah it's fine, I'm not sure Ululant make sense either.

The abstract little sonic demolition sites that make up aren't to be over analysed though - they're to be listened to very loud on headphones in the dark, and allowed to melt your brain. Whoever the brains behind this is, they've had the sage realisation that this kind of abstract murk works best in short doses where it arrives, strikes with maximum impact and fucks off again before you really know what hit you. The strange bell like noises that link the songs could almost be construed as the kind of bell you hear between boxing rounds if you thought about it. But don't think about it. Just let the gurgled Steer-esque vocals, crumbling dischords and wild drumming smack you round the head for a bit.

Well worth the meagre $1 they're charging.