Sunday, June 21, 2015


Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention please, for today I present to you the first in a series of guest mixes here on the DH.

Ryan Aircraft  - or Ryan Stoner as his family call him - was someone I first encountered probably via the strange network of like minded folks who would congregate around the old Column of Heaven tumblr page a couple of years ago. A fellow parent, loud music enthusiast, and lover of John Waters, Ryan is the one man army behind the excellent Anthems Of The Undesirable label, a growing concern which is the very definition of the phrase "quality over quantity". He's released a handful of records, all of which are pretty much flawless, from the likes of Godstopper, Nyodene D/Wolves of Heaven, Tendril, Wolfbait and Moutheater. Dude has taste in music almost as impeccable as his choice of shorts, and he's put together this absolutely stellar mix as proof.

Check out the Anthems webpage for regular updates on this gentleman's activities, and while you browse his excellent webstore, stick some headphones in your ears and get your head around this mix of serious heft. Enjoy.