Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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Busy busy busy..

I’ve spent most of the last month or two involved in preparing to move house, moving house, moving stuff out of my former family home into a storage space, dumping stuff, arguing with my ex wife about said former family home/stuff/finances, dealing with the utter insanity and greed of landlords (Dublin residents if you want to email me I’ll be happy to give you details of a letting agency you should avoid at all costs), working extra hours at work to cover for a co-worker who’s basically never there, and on a more positive if exhausting note disappearing off to Holland And Scotland to see Blood Incantation and Autopsy respectively. I haven’t eaten properly in a bit, and sleep is pretty much a thing of the past at this stage. I’ve had zero spare time. It hasn’t been a tremendous amount of fun. Adulting isn’t in general though. Blood Incantation and Autopsy are though, both were absolutely fantastic.

Anyway, that’s hopefully all fizzling out now with the exception of the insane landlord stuff. Which means there’s some light (read: peace and quiet) at the end of the tunnel. Naturally, that means you may get a post or two here, and a new podcast is imminent too – I’d interviewed a band for another website but frankly the interview in question works much better as a podcast than a typed article I think, so expect that in the next week or two.

After a false start or two earlier in the year though, getting back to making music will be at the forefront of the next few months for me. Which is really what this post is about. Some news on various musical projects old and new follows.

There’s been a couple of line up based setbacks that have impeded progress on new material. Karen left earlier this year and Purcell is about to become a father for the first time, so the end result of that is that we’ve recruited our mates Diego and Jason to temporarily fill in on rhythm section duties while we figure out what’s happeningfor the rest of the year. We have some shows coming up this weekend and shortly thereafter with this configuration:

Sat 15th April – North of the Wall Festival, Glasgow,Scotland (We’re on about 4.30ish in Ivory Black’s)
Sun 16th April – Siege of Limerick Festival, Limerick, Ireland
Sun 23rd April – On the Rox, Dublin, w/ASH BORER, VANUM

There’s some other shows later in the year including trips to Norway and Poland but I’ll post about those further down the line. “The Cursed Travails Of The Demeter” 12”/CD  is still available via our Bandcamp, Dark Descent in the US and Sepulchral Voice in Europe. Do not expect anything in the way of new material or a new release until sometime in mid to late 2018 unfortunately due to the aforementioned lineup weirdness.
I’ve oft rambled on about how I’ve been working on what’s essentially the much dreaded “solo project” now for a few years, and have gone so far as to sneak out various bits and pieces on the likes of soundcloud or bandcamp from time to time and without much fanfare. The increased scheduling difficulties of being in a band with other  old people where everyone has work and family commitments to work around has impressed upon me that as fun as playing loud shouty death metal with my friends is, playing quieter and less aggressive music on my own is also a great deal easier and in some ways more enjoyable, so instead of talking about it I’m actually going to be doing it from now on.

Over the next few months I’ll be working on and releasing some stuff on my own under the name DOLOCHER (because as usual the idea of just using my given name for anything is weirdly terrifying to me). 

I’m terrible at explaining things but it’s essentially melancholic, eerie  guitar loop (and occasionally voice) based music that’s not entirely dissimilar perhaps to some of the JG/BC stuff tonally, although it’s more song based. It’s music for late nights when you can’t sleep basically, inspired by things like the Twin Peaks soundtrack, Grouper, Low and that kinda thing, though it doesn’t sound like that really. Expect some kind of demo/bandcamp release by summer once I’ve reacquainted myself with my utterly basic home recording set up.  I’m hoping to start doing this live towards the end of the year but what format that will take I’m not sure just yet, so recordings will be the primary focus for now.

There’s also talk of more JG/BC (there’s a new live recording to be tinkered with and talk of an album of pop covers), an unfinished Urbach Wiethe side of a split, and another band that I’ll talk about later, but obviously Vircolac and Dolocher are the priorities for now.

I'm establishing a seperate page for my own musical projects here: 

Music What I Make

Right, podcast and some other bits and pieces imminent soon. My "drafts" folder here is ridiculous

Recent listening:

Pentagram Home Video "The Satanic Path"
Rebirth of Nefast "Tabernaculum"
Taylor Deupree "Somi"
Phrenelith "Desolate Endscape"
Apostate Viaticum "BeforeThe Gates Of Gomorrah"
Kelly Moran "Bloodrot"
Cobalt Chapel s/t
Umwelt "Density"

Recent Reading:

Mike McCormac "Solar Bones"
Kier La Janisse "House of Psychotic Women"
Breece D'J Pancake "Trilobyte and Other Stories"

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