Thursday, June 15, 2017


This conversation was initially intended for the website Metalireland but owing to a combination of real life circumstances delaying me getting it ready, and a general lack of interest in writing for that or any other site any more, I've only gotten around to it now. To be honest, I can't imagine how transcribing this would have gone,given the conversational nature of the interview it seemed natural that I just put it up as a podcast rather than butcher it for a paragraph or two. 

Destriers are a metallic hardcore band based in Dublin, Ireland. I'm not particularly interested in that style of music but I really like their "Cynosure" ep from last year (which is about to come out on vinyl). What was of particular fascination to me, and what part of the conversation revolves around, is that Stephen and Shaun who I interviewed here are both sound engineers and are therefore heavily involved in the nuts and bolts of recording their music; indeed Shaun will be known to some of you for his work recording the likes of Coscradh, Onkalo etc. They're staunchly DIY, but perhaps take a more professional approach to how they write and record than most DIY bands.
So here you go. 

Anyway. Sin E for Destroyed Human. I've neither the time, energy nor inspiration to continue ocasionally flogging this particular dead horse anymore. If you need me I'll be elsewhere 

Thanks for reading